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  • User Description: 2. Nominee Directors Who can become a nominee director? What powers does he have according to the legislation? Can he harm my interests? How can I limit his abilities? How can I simply take over his powers? A Cyprus company can have as many directors it needs. The minimum is one director.There can be an response to your concerns. Let’s just take them one after the other. Any male or person that is female of head and of age, who's not declared bankruptcy, are appointed to behave being a nominee of any company in Cyprus. A company director is the most important individual into the company framework, specially if he is the sole manager, i.e. he is the only real director, since recently having an amendment associated with the legislation a company might have only 1 director and another shareholder. To understand about cyprus registry search and cyprus registry search, go to all of our internet site company search cyprus. 6. Vat quantity Can Be Had in the Cyprus Company Registration A Cyprus company on its registration can apply for a vat quantity. Such procedure is quick in Cyprus and a vat registration number is had in about forty eight hours. Our office could possibly get you your vat quantity without hassle and you can start trading immediately. Regarding the registration using the vat authority a certificate is released and lots which ultimately shows in the EU vat system in about 4 days maximum. That quantity must certanly be shown on all of the invoices of the company as well as on all it material that is stationary. Vat taxation is payable within the national country only when you physically import the goods to the nation. The vat tax is 19% at this time for the general groups but there are also reduced prices for special situations.

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